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Title Name E-mail


David Sparks David@gotprepaid.com

Finance Manager

Ivan Sarembock Ivan@gotprepaid.com

Accounts Payable and Receivable Manager

Merle Sparks Merle@gotprepaid.com

Electronic Inventory and Systems Manager

Jenny Hofman Jenny@gotprepaid.com

Physical Inventory and Logistics Manager

Selwyn Morris Selwyn@gotprepaid.com 

 Client & Vendor Relations Manager

Sandra Akins  Sandra@gotprepaid.com  

Chief Technology Officer

Dan Cappannari TechSupport@gotprepaid.com

Senior Programmer Analyst

Luis Lezama Luis@gotprepaid.com
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We are constantly communicating with the largest providers of unique prepaid and non-prepaid products to provide our customers with the latest products and offerings in the industry. New financial service products will include: prepaid wallets, GPR cards, stored value cards, domestic and international money transfer and domestic and international bill pay. Additional new products will include: enhanced international mobile top-up, electronic instant issue and online redemption gift cards and loyalty and reward programs with customer SMS and email facilities.

Global Service Solutions has carved itself an enviable place in the world of prepaid products and services and today is one of the leading distributors in the country. Along with the vast inventory of prepaid products, our company is unrivaled in its ability to provide impeccable customer service and technical support which has led to our continued growth and customer loyalty.

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