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The Prepaid market is changing at a rapid pace with new products, financial services and mobile wallets becoming an everyday reality. Global Service Solutions boasts an increase in product lines and categories allied to the prepaid industry in order to expand opportunities and better support our customers. Our website allows customers to efficiently manage the ever-increasing line of products and services which includes an array of prepaid financial service. The incorporation of Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allows better communication with our customers and an even greater sense of satisfaction and loyalty.

 In the prepaid wireless industry, Global Service Solutions stands out by allowing our customers to utilize our inventory of prepaid products in order to preserve their own supply by purchasing on demand through a proprietary system accessed via API. Our extensive network covers over one hundred thousand wholesalers, distributors and retailers nationwide. Being the aggregator for the top prepaid providers with almost every prepaid product being available makes Global Service Solutions your ultimate supplier for prepaid products and financial services.

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We are constantly communicating with the largest providers of unique prepaid and non-prepaid products to provide our customers with the latest products and offerings in the industry. New financial service products will include: prepaid wallets, GPR cards, stored value cards, domestic and international money transfer and domestic and international bill pay. Additional new products will include: enhanced international mobile top-up, electronic instant issue and online redemption gift cards and loyalty and reward programs with customer SMS and email facilities.

Global Service Solutions has carved itself an enviable place in the world of prepaid products and services and today is one of the leading distributors in the country. Along with the vast inventory of prepaid products, our company is unrivaled in its ability to provide impeccable customer service and technical support which has led to our continued growth and customer loyalty.

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