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Global Service Solutions is a specialist in the distribution of physical and electronic prepaid products. With nearly 20 years of experience in the prepaid arena, we are able to bring the best products and services to the market with the latest technology.

We are a service and technology company that has built our strength and reputation on years of dependability, integrity and honesty with our providers, our extensive distribution network and our commitment to long-term partnerships.

Global Services Solutions’ proprietary platform including our updated retail portal allows wholesalers, master dealers, ISOs and retailers the ability to offer our prepaid lineup without incurring costs or the need for equipment, with full visibility into transaction and commission reporting. Our new mobile operator portal allows mobile operators access to transaction data and commission reporting on any level down to the individual retailer that offers their product or service.

Our focus is on being the leading technology provider and global distributor of financial and prepaid products and services.

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We are constantly communicating with the largest providers of unique prepaid and non-prepaid products to provide our customers with the latest products and offerings in the industry.

Along with the vast inventory of prepaid products, our company is unrivaled in its ability to provide impeccable customer service and technical support which has led to our continued growth and customer loyalty.

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